University Photo Service is a University at Albany student organization that for more than five decades has been the student lens of campus culture.

We have our own office on the third floor of the Campus Center [305] which contains a darkroom and studio. As a group we have historically mostly produced work for Torch Yearbook, but also work for student groups, individuals, university departments, and the Albany Student Press.

Neither camera nor knowledge are necessary for membership—all are welcome. Current members range from bare beginners to advanced semi-professionals. For those just starting, the group can be a place to get purchasing advice, general photography knowledge, and studio experience, and build connections with other artistic individuals. For students studying photography or journalism, the collaborative possibilities are endless.

Come check us out! We are currently holding meetings on Tuesdays at 8:30pm in our office [CC305]. Also for those who would like to get involved- stop by the office anytime and see if anyone is in, members usually have office hours or are just hanging out.

Community Service Credit

You can earn up to 3 UA academic credits, in 3 different semesters.

Requirements: -Completing 60 hours or 100 hours (depending); -Coming to each production night and two office hours a week -Going to the required orientation sessions: dates and times are listed on the door. -Completing evaluations and the paper on time: due dates are on the board -Turning in all paper work to SS112 by deadlines.

Questions? Contact us at ualbanyups@gmail.com or go to their website at http://www.albany.edu/cpsp/